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Toni’s foundation is built upon the basic gift of encouragement, the gift that fuels impactful relationships with people at every level. Her personal goal is to bring a greater value to peoples’ lives daily.

She is a legacy member of Celebration Church of Columbia, Howard County, Maryland where she continues to serve on multiple ministries, and for some thirty (30) plus years.

As a firm believer in the Lord, Jesus Christ as her personal Savior, Toni embraces her call to aspire to empower women and men of all ages to reach for their destined calling in life using their God-given abilities and talents.

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Evangelism and edification fuel my platform to serve you with my fundamental gift of encouragement! My purpose is to build you up so that you fully experience your life’s value!

No matter where you find yourself in your journey in life today, God always wants to have your full attention regarding the direction of your life



Righteous Redirecting is a guide to strategic healing and discovering one's self worth.

Author Toni M. Blount takes you on a journey of self reflection, revelation, and healing. Her accounts of how God righteously redirected her from low self image to fulfilling her destiny is thought provoking and inspiring. Readers will leave feeling a new sense of purpose and renewed hope.


Robin H
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Toni is my heroine. She is an amazing woman of strength and valor who has overcome many obstacles, and remained faith filled and a true blessing.
Whitney Hogans
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Toni Blount is an exceptional woman of God who is passionate about empowering women to reach their max potential. Toni is loving, kind, patient, and compassionate. She is a gift to all those who know her and women are better after encountering her.
Annie Jackson
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met Toni years ago while attending church. There was something about her spirit that drew me to her. As I began to develop my prayer line God place her on my mind, not once but twice, so I followed his lead and asked her to become a prayer leader on the prayer line of which she accepted. Toni is dedicated to sharing God’s words through her walk in life and in her book that was recently released. Her book is a “must read” as it speaks about reflecting and redirecting your spirituality.

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